Pablo Ferrone collection is the result of an astonishing blend of lovely and high quality creations, with special attention to finishing and detailing.

 Pablo Ferrone provides the ideal fashion accessory for the woman unafraid of explore new horizons, taking it close to the edge without overdoing it.This combination of classy and daring design brings something entirely new to the table: a bag that shines in modern sophistication, while keeping a timeless sense of style.

Perfect for every occasion, our handbags & accessories are the ideal partner for a business meeting, a formal cocktail or a fun evening with friends. Plus you will be surprised by their functionality: eye-catching and practical at the same time.

To create our unique leather handbags and accessories we use the finest leathers and work with highly skilled professionals. We deeply respect the entire leather process, from the tanning to the cutting to the splitting to the sewing.

Take risks and follow your true style to keep your wardrobe modern, fun and exciting!